What We Offer

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1. Secure congressional internships

We help high-achieving, Pell Grant eligible students secure full-time internships with Members of Congress representing their state or district.

3. Pair students with a Bipartisan Ally

Our students are paired with a Bipartisan Ally, a senior-level staffer of the opposite party, to open constructive dialogue on today’s most pressing policy issues.

2. Cover all associated expenses

We cover ALL costs associated with interning in DC, including meals, flights to/from DC, housing, and even professional clothing.

4. Provide training and Development

In addition to our 3-day boot camp, we provide weekly professional development seminars to prepare our students to excel during their internships and beyond.

5. Connect students with jobs on capitol hill

After graduation, we help our students secure full-time jobs on Capitol Hill in order to create sustainable change in Congress. In doing so, we help make Congress more diverse, inclusive, and effective for all!


In total, we invest over $26,000 into each of our students!


Want to learn more?

Watch this video to hear how C2C made a difference in the lives of our Class of 2017.