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The Problem

The majority of Congressional internships are unpaid, forcing students to front the bill of a $10,000.00 opportunity. This creates a barrier of entry for students with limited financial means and without political connections.

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Why it Matters

When Congress excludes students based on their socio economic status, we miss out on the benefits that accrue from students of various backgrounds. A political system is only effective when it truly becomes the representative body it was created to be.

Our Solution

We have created a comprehensive program that levels the playing field among congressional interns. We provide financial support to cover interns first professional wardrobe, transportation, housing, meals, and various needs. The program includes curated leadership trainings to prepare students to emerge as public service stewards. To cut through partisan gridlock C2C interns are paired with a mentor of the opposite party. These relationships are fundamental to move beyond conflict and forge compromise.

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